Peru travel inspires creativity

A mission for inspiration, creativity and a meaningful life

“Share thoughts and ideas that foster inspiration, creativity and a meaningful approach to life.”
The mission statement for why I write in this medium.

To share is to give.  It is an energetic form of personal expression, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.  Thoughts and ideas inevitably result from consciousness and this is the great gift bestowed upon us as human beings.  Inspiration or motivation can come from many different places and has many factors.   This mission statement orients and focuses the writing and rationale for what I’m sharing.

What influences my thoughts and viewpoints?  From where do ideas come?  Here’s a list of what keeps me continually curious, learning, experimental and reflective.

Travel. Interacting with new cultures, people, physical spaces their energy and history.  Architecture, museums, concert halls and public squares.  Modes of transportation and the diverse and often unpredictable encounters and logistical experiences that come from movement.  A well positioned table, coffee beverage and people watching.  Sacred places, spiritually centered cultures and peoples.

Reading. Books, journal articles, great literature, historical fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, and audiobooks.  And morphing from audiobooks I will also include unexpected new inspiration gained from carefully chosen, quality podcasts with interviews of extraordinary thought leaders.

People.  Family, friends, neighbors, authors, international friends and strangers.  Conferences, festivals, community and organizational gatherings and events.

Contemplation, meditation and being still.  I am grateful and awestruck by the quiet, slowly arising possibilities that come to light in the pre-dawn and early dawning hours of the day.  I value the notion of slowing down and appreciate the reminders to let go.   Meditation provides an uplifting and calming awareness of being alive, of being here in a body, but it also opens the door to transcendence and an energy beyond the physical realm.  Also, I’ll advocate for the merits of a power nap in a swinging hammock between trees during moments of beautiful weather.

Nature.  And exercise.  I place these together, because my most beloved adventures are the ones enjoyed outdoors.  From aquatic, to forests, to tundra ecosystems, through the seas and over the mountains – the diverse environments on our planet offer extraordinary opportunities to experience the wild and serene, noisy and quiet places of mother earth.  Breathe, walk, hike, bike, swim, dive, move and roam.

Music.  A superfood for the aural senses.  A medium for creativity, love, healing and deepest human expression.  There are diverse genres to suit every personality and preference, but for me, the most nourishing form is classical music.  Music is vibration and vibration is the essence of creation and the universe.  It might sound grandiose, but Pythagoras, the Golden Ratio (Phi \varphi or  \phi ), the Fibonacci sequence and the great composers use of harmonic progressions,  embody music’s bridge between the abstract and transcendent to the physical here and now.   Music transports our body and soul to places far beyond words.

Music inspires creativity

Music is a universal language.

These are some influences by which I find inspiration and help create a meaningful life.  Ideas and inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.  I find, however, that this list encompasses the most powerful spheres of influence for me.  What opens your mind and releases inspiration in to your creative journey through life?