Context for what it means to be a Tech-Savvy Creative

Tech-Savvy Creative

My dynamic tech-savvy creative approach:

1. Take on Mindfulness as a way of life.  Be present.  Focus.  Breathe.

2. Life is an adventure.  Enthusiasm and curiosity are doors to limitless possibilities.

3. Friendliness, clear communication, respect and empathic listening.

4. Tools are the means to harness and make visions and ideas reality.  Modern technology’s gift of information provides an ever expanding opportunity to  enhance our knowledge and reach new heights with its uses.  To simplify: Seize the Day.

Graphical Overview of a comprehensive approach to life:

The vast amount of information at our fingertips can be overwhelming.  In pursuit of balance, this “collection” could be considered a sharing of contemplative perspectives on implementing technology with creativity and hopefully a good dose of mindfulness.

Tree of Contemplative Practices