Costa Rica’s tropical nature invites health and happiness

Costa Rica’s vibrant, tropical setting holds a palpable energy for growth.  The jungle thrives on the tropical climate and abundant sunshine and rainforest growth and diversity abound as well.  The energies for growth are not just for nature, but also for personal growth and awakening too.  And in 2008, Costa Rica was the hosting country for the Human Forum, “A Symphony of Transformation” created by the Alliance for a New Humanity.  The Alliance holds a vision for personal and social transformation.  People gathered for this event from all over the world to join in the dialogue, actions and collaborations that empower transformation.

The Mission of the Alliance for a New Humanity

“To connect and inspire people, who, through personal and social transformation are leading a conscious evolution toward a more peaceful and compassionate world.

“To encourage a new way of thinking about human systems which create conditions for a sustainable global society.”

It was a great honor to help design the theme and collaborate on the planning of this event with dedicated and loving colleagues and friends.  Performing collaborative 4 hand piano music at the opening ceremony for the Human Forum with Lorin Hollander, setting the stage for a symphony of transformation, was an unforgettable life affirming event.