Elevator Pitch Transformed into Possibility

Let’s talk about the elevator pitch.  The often dreaded question: What do you do?  On the surface it’s an innocent enough question and meant only to start a conversation, but it boxes us into a human doing rather than a human being.  I personally would much rather be a human being.  I appreciate and remember often the ‘be-do-have’ principle, and this paradigm shift makes such a difference in how we go about approaching a more present, mindful life.  Now, thinking about ourselves as a human being rather than a human doing, let’s rephrase the question.

Who Are You?  Well this is a jump into the deep end of the pool, isn’t it?  Rephrased into a mantra “Who Am I?” this can be a deep meditative practice that awakens us to a different understanding of consciousness.  It takes on questioning the ego, and at its heart asks us, what does it means to be a human being, on this earth and during this time?  It’s a philosophical, timeless question that’s been around since the very beginning.  But maybe that’s not the best way to start a conversation either.

Let’s refocus and fully attend to the issue of answering the question that launches one’s elevator pitch.

What lights you up?  What excites you?

Why are you excited about this?  How might the world also care about it too?

This can enliven the inquiry and it opens the door for inspiration and truly expressing oneself.  I haven’t condensed my thoughts down yet to a concise 2-4 sentence, or 30-second elevator pitch.  It’s currently a narrative work in progress that will shift each day, just as I hope to continue to be a dynamic, ever-changing, ever evolving conscious being.

~ I’m passionate about nature and the environment, music, international travel, education and personal and social transformation.  I’m in the process of relaunching a career and the goal is to find a good match to help others and do something I am passionate about.  I thrive in the conference, retreat, think tank and forums environment, having performed at and helped organize several international conferences already in my career.  I love the spirit of sharing ideas and getting and giving helpful feedback, painting and opening the doors of possibility for new creative possibilities for all people.  My wide-ranging experience in the performing arts, education, environmental work and extensive international travel has common threads of listening carefully and developing rapport with people quickly; communicating ideas and plans clearly both in writing and verbally; utilizing technology and agile at learning tools and workflows to enhance new projects; researching thoroughly and creatively applying new information to myriad situations and environments.  ~

Sharing who we are fully and honestly is an opportunity for unknown miracles to enter in.

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…”    –William Shakespeare

Let’s be authentic players in the world’s stage called life and let unexpected possibilities spring forth!


“All the world’s a stage…”