Natural Organization – Navigate Menus Intuitively

Website menus’ natural function is to organize. For someone who has a natural talent for organization herself, it’s important to reflect on and plan menus, as a means to guide the user experience. So the task at hand is addressing that this website is neither blog format, not static website.

Therefore, addressing what is a hybrid experience of information through which a user will navigate is the task at hand.

Working environment – Customize

Customize>Static Front Page
Currently, I have customized the site to have a Static Front Page. I think a proper landing page announcing where you are, to give the main idea of what this website is about in short order is a good practice.

Now, however, where does intuitively navigate to see updating information – aka the Posts?

Customize>Widgets>Primary Sidebar
The Widgets include the left sidebar, or Primary sidebar in which I have included “Recent Posts.” Excellent.

Additional options?
Top primary menu and Secondary menu. Ah, this can also be set up and has been customized via the Dashboard>Menu section of WordPress and an update on my approach to that will follow later.

Seamless, but intuitive navigation does in fact require some forethought so that the afterthought and action is without thought. That may or may not be a scary thought if we’re advocating for mindfulness in all areas of life…