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Online Registration WordPress Website

tara Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator, Project Manager

Context of Online Registration WordPress Website: Smartycat Kids was founded in 2007 and the registration process, for both the business owner and the parents registering their children, was cumbersome and ineffective.  The Founder/Executive Director, Michelle, asked if I could provide a solution to her business’s needs.  I developed and designed an online registration wordpress website which created a streamlined workflow all …

Cottrell Boatbuilding Website

tara Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator

Context of Small Business WordPress Website: Lynn Cottrell came to me for help because of decreased website traffic and fewer inquiries to her small business.  She also felt the small business WordPress website was somewhat dated.  Due to these concerns, I identified the technical causes: poor website hosting slow page load speeds need for better search engine optimization (SEO) content …

Brass Studio 207 Website

tara Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator

Context:  Promote professional services of brass repairs, custom work and fine restoration.  This business was known through word of mouth and recommendations only. To promote the business online and market to more customers, I designed and built the website to market to a targeted audience of musicians, brass instrument owners or collectors needing professional work on their instruments. Who & When: The …

Forest Bathing Hikes Website

tara Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator

Context:  Promote professional events and services of mindful, guided hikes.  Market to an audience looking for wellness and nature benefits of guided mindfulness hikes. Who & When: The website was wireframed, developed and published in 2017 and is in the process of being further built out with more pages and features. What & How:  Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 focused web development.  Framework …

Live on the Coast of Maine Website

tara Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator

Context: Target a specialized audience looking for large acreage waterfront real estate with a website designed and built specifically for focused key word searches.  Website includes special design factors and lifestyle components that would be of value to the targeted audience. Who & When: Developed, designed, and written at the request of co-property owner and with recommendation and support from real estate agents.  The website was …

Website template for student

tara Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator

Context:  Provide website template to feature skills and interests of a young music student. Layout and interactive JavaScript features were designed to engage fellow students and teachers. Who & When: The website was developed and published in 2017 in collaboration with a 13 year old trombone student. What & How:  JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.  Design of website utilizes 960 Grid System for layout and …

Cello Amati Tri-fold Brochure

Graphic Design, Marketing Tri-fold Brochure

tara Creative, Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator

Context:  Rare luxury hi-fi audio system marketed for sale.  It was owned by a world-renowned classical concert pianist.  Marketing was designed for specialty audiophile audience. Who & When: Tri-fold brochure was designed and all copy was written for hi-fi system owner in July 2015.  Brochure was used for presentation at an audiophile festival in Newport, Massachusetts, and, for general handout advertising. What & How: Tri-fold brochure …

Graphic Text Flyer for Sierra Club Maine

Graphic Design Flyers and Posters for Sierra Club Maine

tara Developer | Designer, Marketing | Content Creator

Context: Encourage engagement of current club members, and, invite the public to join in upcoming outing and film events.  Increased attendance of Club events with quality publishing of activities of a nonprofit organization.  This successful advertising also resulted in expanded membership via participant conversion. Who & When: Designed and written for Sierra Club Maine in 2015 and 2016. What & How: Designed in Microsoft Word Publishing Layout.  Utilized official …