Why Goals matter. Give to Receive.

Here’s are two wonderful concepts about why goals matter that has stuck with me ever since I read it in Keith Ferrazzi’s book “Never Eat Alone.”  Goals are concrete steps, “a dream with a deadline.”  I love the value of defining concrete measurable results.  That may sound somewhat daunting, but the power of declaration cannot be underestimated.  The common wisdom is to: a) write down one’s goals, and; b) share them with others.  Another even more powerful idea is that the universe conspires to open possibilities and opportunities to the extent one is specific about those goals and what one is looking to accomplish.

As I think about how others are thankful for my help, I remember the joy and benefit of giving my time and energy to a loved one, a Fulbright scholar to boot, in his field research in Cyprus.  Traveling from ancient villages and provincial towns to secluded monasteries, unexpected new ideas, connections and discoveries sprang forth to deepen his hypothesis and dissertation materials.  The results of helping another to fulfill their mission and goals, meant I enjoyed one of the most meaningful travel experience I have ever had.  I was honored to meet new friends and make long lasting friendships.  I was fascinated and inspired by getting to know and join in Cypriot friends’ cultural traditions.  I enjoyed an unforeseen lens through which to explore the undercurrents of a complex history of a country and its people on a visceral level.  This journey was the most engaging travel experience so far.

Taking time to share and help in another’s work and mission, showing up and having patience for the process, holds surprising benefits.  Listening and understanding what matters for someone else helps hold up a mirror to make one think about and contemplate one’s own passions, interests and curiosity.  This self-reflective process is great way to clarify one’s own mission, dreams and goals.

Look inside.  There is an intuitive knowing wherein you can find and as Joseph Campbell famously advised, “follow your bliss.”

Awaken! Follow your bliss and achieve your goals.

Awaken! Follow your bliss and achieve your goals.