Writing – Dare to Share

Dare to Share. 5,269' is just shy of a mile high. Reach for the sky!

Dare to Share. 5,269′ is just shy of a mile high. Reach for the sky!

Today, I’m taking on the dare to share.  I’m writing to utilize will power, build confidence and put ideas out into the world.   It takes stepping out of my comfort zone of introspection and sharing thoughts and ideas that might otherwise just live written on paper organized in a desk drawer.

First, here’s some current events contextual background information.  I’m in the process of relaunching a career.  The goal is to find a good match to help others, do something I love and that also has an income stream.  I’m passionate about nature and the environment, music, international travel, education and personal and social transformation.

Then, let’s address some challenges coming from the little voice in my head, including feelings of doubt and worry.  Example one: ‘Isn’t it hypocritical to utilize the platform of the internet – a rabbit-hole leading to a lot of noise and many distractions – when you value mindfulness and being spiritually centered and grounded in life?’  Or how about, ‘Won’t your tendency toward perfectionism plague you with editing and taking more time than you have to get each post written and published?’  Now, let’s acknowledge these doubts and worries, but also let them take a seat at the back of the room in my mind, and dare to move forward anyway with sharing my thoughts with the world.

Getting back to the idea of relaunching a career, the added challenge is that I’m likely going to be pivoting into a new field or role of work.  I have a lot of experience in many domains – arts management, music education, personal and social transformation conferences, international travel, environmental grassroots and nonprofits.  My skills are transferable and I have to make the connections of my experience and skills to potential new areas of work.

I’m hoping that a miracle and plan will fall into my lap, because flowing with synchronicity seems the spiritual way.  But a sensible friend said I have to logically narrow it down and focus otherwise I’ll just be overwhelmed by it all.  Networking and writing.  That’s the goal and focus for now.

Feel free to dare to share by leaving a comment as self-reflection of what arises for you in writing and expressing your ideas.